“The ROI of our hardware investments is
measured on reliability and longevity.”

Quality first

Recognized as a technological leader and innovator in color and light measurement solutions, we are passionate about quality. Konica Minolta Sensing is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization with state-of-the-art R&D facilities to drive innovation and continuously create new value for customers.

Konica Minolta places a lot of emphasis on the ability to maintain traceability in the products delivered to customers. In order to ensure the measurement reliability of a product, our no-compromise manufacturing process produces measuring instruments that are traceable to national and international standards. At Konica Minolta, the standard devices we use for checking color and light measurements are manufactured in-house. Our light calibration technology conforms to the ISO 17025 international standard, and we have been certified as a calibration laboratory. This high-level calibration technology is one of our technological strengths.

Each instrument is hand assembled in Japan by master technicians and tested for performance, precision, and durability through a stringent quality control process. This craftsmanship guarantees that your equipment is built to the highest standard of excellence and for reliability and longevity.
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