“Preparation and deployment of physical samples for the supply
chain is too costly and complex: Is there a better way?”

Digital color data management

The degree of manufacturing penetration in many industries continues to decrease, while the number of supply chain manufacturers increases. Globalization increases the complexity of controlling the quality of the final product throughout the value and supply chain in different locations.

This leads to a complex, demanding, and expensive process of providing, in some cases thousands of, physical samples to all participants within the value chain in order to ensure tight color specifications.

Ideally, one would wish to be able to communicate color data digitally throughout the supply chain but some important prerequisites must be fulfilled first.


1. Define color measurement methodology

Unlike other physical measurements devices, color measurement instruments can show important differences in results when measuring colors. This depends on many factors such as: measurement geometry, size of measurement area, light source, and many more. The first step towards Digital Color Data Management is the measurement methodology needs to be clearly defined and communicated to all participants in the value chain. As a result Konica Minolta Sensing introduces Digital Color Data Management giving global enterprises important advantages.

2. Inter Instrument Agreement (IIA) & Inter Model Agreement (IMA)

These two industry designations are part of the manufacturer’s specifications to define the tolerance limits of any color/shade to be manufactured, and impacts the tolerance limit of how close measurement readings of several instruments of the same model (IIA) or different models (IMA) will match.

IIA and IMA agreement levels must be a small as possible to assure meaningful quality assurance.

3. Konica Minolta leads the way…

With more than a century of experience in optical technology, Konica Minolta Sensing is a leader in manufacturing of color and light measuring instruments, offering the highest possible Inter Instrument and Inter Model Agreement levels.

All of our instruments are designed and built to meet and exceed compliance with international norms without any compromise, resulting in instruments that offer the industries best Inter Instrument and Inter Model agreements.

Alongside the instrument range, Konica Minolta Sensing offers the Colibri® platform, helping you benefit from an unrivaled software suite that encompasses the entire value chain from design, specification manufacturing to global deployment. The Colibri® platform will grow with your requirements as it is fully scalable from a local to a global Internet or Cloud based system.

What does this all mean? Konica Minolta Sensing offers Digital Color Data Management solutions that give your global enterprise important advantages, in a growing competitive market.